Gold Membership for Employers

We are able to assist employers with registering on the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse as well as perform their responsibilities. Employers have five main obligations regarding the Clearinghouse:

  1. Queries of new drivers
  2. Annual queries of all existing drivers
  3. Reporting alcohol test positives, employer determined refusals to test and actual knowledge, as defined in Part § 382.107
  4. Reporting negative return to duty tests and completion of follow up testing programs
  5. Updating policies and education programs to notify drivers of what information will be reported to the Clearinghouse

We can take care of all the above responsibilities for you with our Gold Membership package which includes:  

  • Unlimited consultation for all Clearinghouse matters
  • Policy Addendum – information to utilize for updating your DOT FMCSA drug & alcohol testing policy to include information on the Clearinghouse
  • Required Annual Query  
  • Required query of new drivers up to 10 (additional queries are a la carte)
  • Employer required violation reporting up to 10 (additional reporting are a la carte)

The Gold membership will provide all necessary compliance tasks to meet the obligations mandated by the new Clearinghouse rules for an employer with 21 or more drivers. When you are ready to subscribe to a Gold Membership you can follow this link  The Gold Membership is $300 per year. We are currently offering 50% off the first year if you enroll before the end of the year (12/31/2019).