Clearinghouse Queries & Reporting

Two main responsibilities an employer has in the Clearinghouse is to query drivers for violations and to report certain violations. Clearinghouses Services, Inc can assist you with your queries and reporting responsibilities. Join our Membership program to save time and money and to remain in compliance with these Clearinghouse regulations.  Read on below for A La Carte Services. 

If you are a member of our program, you get a number of queries and reporting tasks included in your membership program and additional queries and reporting tasks are deeply discounted.  Members should always log in to your account to receive credits and discounts. Check out our membership services to save money.

Queries are required prior to putting a new driver to work in an FMCSA covered safety-sensitive position.  Annual queries are also required for all existing drivers, these can be a limited query to determine if a driver has information in the FMCSA database and if so, a full query is required.

Fees to FMCSA for queries must be purchased in advance directly from FMCSA, they will sell various query plans.

An employer required reporting of violations and other required reporting include:

  1. Reporting alcohol test positives, employer-determined refusals to test and actual knowledge, as defined in Part § 382.107
  2. Reporting negative return to duty tests and completion of follow up testing programs 

A La Carte Services for driver queries and employer violation reporting are available from Clearinghouses Services, Inc

If you are a member, log into your account to receive your credits for free queries and reporting along with getting member pricing on additional queries and reporting needed.

A La Carte Services for driver queries and employer violation reporting.

If you are a Member, your member credits if available will apply when ordering. Log in to your account.

Pre-Employment Query

Driver registration and consent required
  • $10.00 Member Price / Per Driver
  • $45.00 Non-Member Price / Per Driver


This is a limited query and requires spreadsheet upload of all drivers
  • $10.00 Member Price / Per
  • $45.00 Non-Member Price / Per Driver

Violation Reporting

includes a positive alcohol test, employer-determined refusals, employer actual knowledge of alcohol or drug use or negative return to duty test
  • $10.00 Member Price / Per Driver
  • $45.00 Non-Member Price / Per Driver

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FMCSA charges for queries, a flat fee of $1.25 per query is charged.  Employers must purchase a query plan to ensure they or their designated C/TPAs can conduct queries. C/TPAs cannot purchase queries on behalf of employers.   Our members and clients must have a query plan on their FMCSA account in order for us to run queries on their behalf.

Best pricing for all clearinghouse services from is to join as a member.  Check out the Membership options and save money on clearinghouse queries and clearinghouse reporting.   All members receive unlimited consultation, queries, reporting, and a policy addendum to explain to your drivers what information will be reported.