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50% Off - Limited Time Offer

From now until the end of the year, get 50% off any of our memberships with coupon code 2019DISCOUNT at checkout! *

Owner Operator

$ 50 Yearly
  • Unlimited Consultation
  • Employer Required Queries
  • Employer Required Violation Reports
50% Off!

Silver Membership

$ 100 Yearly
  • Unlimited Consultation
  • Policy Addendum
  • Required Annual Query
  • Up To 5 Driver Queries**
  • Up To 5 Violation Reports**
  • For Up To 20 Drivers
50% Off!

Gold Membership

$ 150 Yearly
  • Unlimited Consultation
  • Policy Addendum
  • Required Annual Query
  • Up To 10 Driver Queries**
  • Up To 10 Violation Reports**
  • For 21+ Drivers
50% Off!

* Offer valid from now until 01/01/2020. Discount only applies to first year, then renews at full price.
** All queries are reset upon the renewal of your membership.

Fees to FMCSA for queries must be purchased in advance directly from FMCSA, they will sell various query plans.

A La Carte Services for driver queries and employer violation reporting. Member credits if available will apply when ordering. Log in to your account.

New Driver

Driver registration and consent required
  • $10.00 Member Price / Per Driver


This is a limited query and requires spreadsheet upload of all drivers
  • $5.00 Member Price / Per

Full Query on Existing Driver

(after a limited query shows information in the database)
  • $10.00 Member Price / Per Driver

Reporting of Violations

includes a positive alcohol test, employer-determined refusals, employer actual knowledge of alcohol or drug use or negative return to duty test
  • $10.00 Member Price / Per Driver

FMCSA charges for queries, a flat fee of $1.25 per query is charged.  Employers must purchase a query plan to ensure they or their designated C/TPAs can conduct queries. C/TPAs cannot purchase queries on behalf of employers.   Our members and clients must have a query plan on their FMCSA account in order for us to run queries on their behalf.