Consortium / Third Party Administrators (C/TPA) and the Clearinghouse

With the effective date of the new Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse getting close (01/06/2020); Consortium / Third Party Administrators (C/TPA) are gearing up to help employers navigate these new rules.

Employers will be able to delegate some of their Clearinghouse responsibilities to the C/TPA.  The employer will need to authorize and designate their C/TPA in the Clearinghouse to allow the C/TPA to perform Clearinghouse functions.

Ten C/TPA Actions in the Clearinghouse  

  1. The C/TPA registers as a user in the Clearinghouse and assigns any staff as assistants in the Clearinghouse.
  2. The C/TPA can assist the employers in requesting drivers to go into the Clearinghouse and consent for full queries
  3. The C/TPA can request driver queries on behalf of the employer
  4. The C/TPA will report on owner operator drug and alcohol testing violations. This is required for the owner operator to select the C/TPA and have the C/TPA report violations.
  5. The C/TPA can assist employers in reporting employer determined refusals to test
  6. The C/TPA can assist employers in reporting alcohol test violations
  7. The C/TPA can assist employers in reporting actual knowledge violations
  8. The C/TPA can assist employer in reporting on the negative return to duty test
  9. The C/TPA can assist employers in reporting the completion of the SAP required follow-up  
  10. The C/TPA can offer to employers’ guidance, consultation and training to help employers navigate the Clearinghouse 

Employers utilizing the C/TPA other than owner operators is optional. Again, the employer who is utilizing the C/TPA will need to assign their C/TPA in the Clearinghouse. If an employer uses a C/TPA to comply with its reporting duties, the employer remains responsible for ensuring that the C/TPA makes the required reports.  

It is important to note that all users in the Clearinghouse (both employers and C/TPA’s) must obtain their own unique credentials and will use these credentials to access the Clearinghouse. Everyone using the Clearinghouse must register and use their own log in credentials; this is an important security feature of the Clearinghouse database.

The Consortium / Third Party Administrator (C/TPA) typically helps employers manage their drug and alcohol testing programs. This includes the drug testing policy, random drug testing, guidance and consultation. The C/TPA is coordinating all the drug testing services including collection, laboratory testing and medical review officer verification and reporting. With the new Clearinghouse coming in January, the C/TPA can also assist employers to maintain compliance with the Clearinghouse rule.