FMCSA Clearinghouse Top Five Questions Asked

1. I have a violation, what do I need to do to start driving

You will need to complete the Return to Duty Process. The
first step is to locate a Substance Abuse Professional in your area. (

2. How long will the violation stay on my record?

The violation will be on your Clearinghouse record for 5
years or until the Return to Duty (RTD) process is completed, whichever is
later. If you do not complete the RTD process the violation will stay

3. I am unemployed, how do I take a Return to Duty (RTD) test?

If you are not currently employed, you will need to disclose
the violation to potential employers. Let them know you have completed the SAP
process and need to be sent for the directly observed Return to Duty test. The
potential employer can send you for the test and report the negative result in
the Clearinghouse through their Clearinghouse account. After the RTD test has
been reported, the driver status should change from prohibited to not prohibited.
The employer can now conduct the Pre-employment query for the driver.

4. We are a small company with only 1 driver. Do we have to
participate in the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (DACH)?

Yes, all motor carriers that employ DOT regulated drivers must
participate regardless of size. Owner-Operators (company owners that also
drive) are also required to have a Third-Party Administrator to manage their
DACH account for them.

5. I am trying to log in to my Clearinghouse account, but it is
sending the code to my old phone number. How can I update the information?

If you are unable to retrieve the security code, your only option is to delete the account and re-register.