Medical Review Officer and the Clearinghouse for DOT

The new DOT FMCSA requirements effective January 6, 2020, will increase the regulatory requirements for the Medical Review Officers (MRO’s) who are reporting drug test results for DOT FMCSA employers.  Medical Review Officers (MROs) will be authorizers of the Clearinghouse. The MRO’s will have the following responsibilities:

  • Register as user beginning Fall 2019
  • Reporting verified positive drug test results
  • Reporting refusal-to-test determinations based on the employee’s inability to provide a sufficient specimen for testing, or the adulteration or substitution of a specimen.

These reporting requirements will need to be made within two business days of making a determination or verification of a DOT-approved drug test.

These new requirements will increase the workload for MRO’s and their fees will likely increase.  It is also very possible that many MRO’s will cease to provide MRO services for DOT drug testing dues to the increased workload. When this happens, you may need a new MROClearinghouse Services works with its affiliated company National Drug Screening to provide comprehensive Medical Review Officer (MRO) services to DOT employers.

The use of a Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA) is advised for comprehensive services for medical review officer (MRO), random testing and Clearinghouse compliance.  This will ease the employer burden and make compliance very easy. Get peace of mind for your DOT-regulated drug testing compliance.

For consultation and assistance with the new Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse contact Clearinghouse Services.