Do FMCSA Regulated Employers Need to Register in New Clearinghouse?

Are you Ready for the new Clearinghouse Policy?

Under the new Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Rules, all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulated employers, including owner-operators, are required to register with the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. The start date for the Clearinghouse is January 6, 2020.

The Clearinghouse is a central database to contain all relevant drug and alcohol testing information for commercial drivers as a part of their driver files. This is a safety program and a tool for employers to verify new and current drivers do not have open drug and alcohol testing violations on their record.

Per 49 CFR Part §382.711 Clearinghouse Registration

Running Required Queries

The employer will need to purchase a query package to be able to run the required queries. The purchase of a query package can only be done after the employer is registered with the Clearinghouse. Only employers can purchase the queries and the cost is currently $1.25 each. All new drivers must be checked with a query and all drivers must be checked with an annual query.

Working With A Team

An employer can invite assistants via email to perform some functions in the Clearinghouse. This invitation can only be sent through the Clearinghouse after the employer has registered. This allows multiple people on your team to work in the Clearinghouse.

Designating A C/TPA

An employer does have the option of designating a C/TPA to perform these duties for them. Designation of a C/TPA can only be done after the employer has registered with the Clearinghouse.

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